Yellow Fever Project

What are the symptoms of Yellow Fever?

One of the symptoms of yellow fever is your blood will turn black. Another symptom is skin and eye balls turn yellow. The third symptom  will your pulse grows weak.  The last symptom is you will get chilling and itching.

How does this historical event continue to impact our lives today?

The impact of yellow fever still continues to impact our lives to day because yellow fever is still in two country's   today( South America and Africa ). If we ever go to those places we could and we are not vaccinated we could get it. It is not good because if people come from those places and they have it we could get yellow fever.

How did  yellow fever get to the United States of America?

Yellow fever  got to the United States of America was  mosquitoes  that were infected with yellow fever. That is just one way  yellow fever got to the United States of America.

How many people died of yellow fever?

According to PBS. PBS. Web. 19 Feb. 2015. <>. 9,500 soldiers died from English army.  Then France sent 25,000 soldiers to the Untied States of America.  


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2 years ago

I researched Yellow Fever too, but I don't understand how the fever got brought over by slaves. When I researched, books said that the fever wasn't contagious and that it was in your blood. How could the slaves bring it to america and have it spread?