Voksne-1 - Homework

L8 - Saturday 24th of January 2014


  1. Study the reading and videos below.
  2. Write 3-5 paragraphs about your New Year's resolution in Danish. Your text should include an explanation of why you have chosen your resolution.
  3. Create flashcards with the months of the year as well as objects in the classroom. Practice them for the class.


New Year's Resolution

As we pass into the new year it is time to set the record straight for 2015! So, how do you express your New Year's resolution in Danish?

Months Of The Year

The start of the year is a great time to look ahead and learn the Danish names for the months of the year. This article goes through the months of the year and also provides seasonal vocabulary relating to each month. Below you will also find a video that goes through all concepts of time in Danish including the names of the months.


This video goes through all the concepts of time in Danish from millennia to hours and minutes.

You may have noticed I am addressing you more and more in Danish in class. The idea is to switch entirely to Danish over time.

To help this transition this video goes through the Danish nouns of a series of objects you will find in a classroom.

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