Georgia's Geographic Region

Appalachian Plateau- by Lauren Pederson and Ally Joyce

The Appalachian Plateau is in the northwestern part of Georgia which is the smallest region in this state. This small region is sometimes called the "TAG" region and Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia are all connected at one point to each other with the region. The Appalachian Plateau had the best coal mining than the other regions in Georgia because of the rock layers in the mountains, but the farming is small because of the very poor soil which sometimes can make some plants grow. There are also a lot of tourism in this region because of how beautiful and the scenic areas. It is a very good place for coal miners to mine and sell coal than selling crops because of how bad the growth with the poor soil. If you were a coal miner who were looking for a place to mine then come to the Appalachian Plateau for the best coal there is in Georgia. For tourists that wanted to look for great places to check out is Lookout Mountain which is located in the narrow valleys and woodland ridges. There is pretty much only one county called Dade County because of how small this region is, but it is still a nice place to visit.

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