Barry Littlejohn Providing Answers About Birth Control

Barry Littlejohn knows many ways to help provide birth control answers for women. As a women’s health physician, Littlejohn has been in the business of helping women achieve their health goals for many years. When it comes to birth control, Barry Littlejohn is asked many questions almost daily by the women who come to his medical practice. There are many forms of birth control, including both permanent and temporary types. An intrauterine device, also known as an IUD, a daily pill, and a procedure are all forms of birth control.

IUDs are highly recommended by Barry Littlejohn and other physicians around America. An IUD is considered more effective than a daily pill but offers downsides as well. IUDs require a procedure that can be largely invasive for women when they are inserted into the body. There are some women who do not respond well to the side effects that an IUD may cause. The benefit of an IUD is that once it is set, it requires no daily maintenance, which many women enjoy.

Barry Littlejohn also performs tubal litigations, or “ties the tubes”, for women. This procedure involves placing a band around the fallopian tubes or severing the connection of them all together. This eliminates the chance for a woman to become pregnant, meaning that a woman should be one hundred percent sure that they do not want to have children. Once this procedure is completed, a woman can no longer have the possibility to have future kids.

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