Bistro Italiano

"The Best Restaurant in Town"
By: Dana Bartch
Adv. Algebra II Hour 3

I am opening a quaint Italian restaurant that is debuting two new special entrées, full of exotic spices and flavors: Italian Stuffed Shells & Venetian Style Spaghetti.

Restaurant Restrictions

I cannot spend more than $7,500 on any one of my dishes, make over 250 dishes of the shells per month, make over 300 dishes of the spaghetti, or spend more than $900 per month during my start-up phase.

x≥0, x≤250

y≥0, y≤300




Costs and Selling Prices

The cost to create Italian Stuffed Shells is $9.00 and the cost to create Venetian Style Spaghetti is $7.00.

I will be selling the Italian Stuffed Shells for $13.00 and the Venetian Style Spaghetti for $10.00 to make a profit.


The profit I will make from my entrées will be determined by subtracting the cost of creating the dishes from the money I made by selling them.                                                                                                                    profit=(13x+10y)-(9x+7y)

x=# of Italian Stuffed Shell dishes sold; y=# of Venetian Style Spaghetti dishes sold

Cost = $9x + $7y

Sell= $13 + $10

Profit= sell-cost;  [profit=(13x+10y)-(9x+7y)]

Maximize Profits

(0,0)   P=(13(0) + 10(0)) - 9(0) + 10(0); P=$0

(100,0)   P= (13(100) + 10(0)) - 9(100) + 10(0) ; P=$400

(0,128)   P= (13(0) + 10(128)) - 9(0) + 10(128); P=$0

If I make 100 dishes of the Italian Stuffed Shells and 0 dishes of the Venetian Style Spaghetti, then I will make the most money.

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