The absolutely true diary of part time indian.
- Tyler Braho

March 24, 2015
Tough Question:

Tough question: I was wondering how it would feel to be an Indian. To see if I would get bullied, to feel like an Indian. Are Indians big or small? Are they fat or skinny? Do they live in homes or woods? Do they go to school? I was also wondering why did Junior hit Mr. P with a book? I mean he didn't even to anything to get hit with a book. Junior just did it for no reason now he is in trouble. Also I was wondering why did Mr. P go to Junior's house. That was kind of strange.

March 25, 2015
Words of the Wiser:

I did this one because of Mr. P and the Junior incident. Junior hits Mr. P  with a book for no reason. Junior said he didn't mean to hit him in the face with the book but i do really think he did. Mr. P gives him some good advice and tells him that he needs to be a better kid. Mr. P explains how he use to be bad and he quit doing that. He tells Junior if he isn't good he is going to punch him.

March 26,2015
Contrasts and Contradictions:

This is kind of the same one as "tough questions". Why did Junior hit Mr. P in the face. He didn't do anything. Junior is a good kid. He is smart and he did something very stupid. He got expelled from school for what he did. Maybe he was going through some rough times and just let it all out on Mr. P?

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