My Personality Growth

Camp Life in Zambia for orphaned kids

Richard Matthew Barge II

age: 18

Birthday: February 9, 1997

height: 5'8''

Favorite food: Tex-Mex

Favorite Sport: Football

School: Highland Park High School

About me:

My name is Richard Matthew Barge II, I was named after my father and I was born in Plano, Texas. I am actually a Jr but my dad didn't want to be Richard Barge Sr so I am the second. My parents are both from Temple, Texas, a town in between Waco and Austin, although my mom was actually born in Kentucky. Most of my family still lives there today while my dad moved us to Dallas for work. I come from mostly German, Czech, and native american heritage.

I have two sisters with me in between them. My older sister, Emily, is 19 and currently a freshman at TCU, while my younger sister, Alli, is 12 and in the 5th grade. I believe being the middle child has prepared me as a person. I have had the experience of being the little brother that got pushed around by the older sibling, and the experience of being the older sibling that's fun to annoy when my little sister gets bored. My sisters have definitely battle hardened me as a person. I love sports and I play football as well as competing in track and field and power lifting. I am a football captain and I hope to be elected track captain to. I believe I am a good leader that likes to lead by example. I don't like yelling at people but I enjoy working hard and motivating people who watch me.

I have also done lots of mission work in places like Guatamala and Zambia. I love it because I get to travel the world and see foreign places and I get to help people who are in need. My most recent trip was to Zambia in Africa and I worked at a camp for orphans and struggling children in Lusaka, the capital city. These are always eye opening trips that help develop who I am and my personality.

Personality Summary

Personality Summary: Myer-Briggs

The results from this personality test showed that my letters were ENTP, also known as the "Originator". The "originator" describes me as a person who is very innovative and loves to solve problems in creative ways. It also describes me as a person that is good at observing and understanding different situations and seeks knowledge and understanding in things. I find all of these descriptions accurate of me. I love using my imagination to solve every day problems and I've always been very creative by building things at home and even things when I went camping as a child. I remember a time I went camping and built a bunch of torches that I planted around our camp at night. I always found building things very fun and thought reading instructions was cheating. Some other traits of the "Originator" or "visionary" is that I don't like details, I don't value others inputs, and that I don't always consider the human element in a decision. I would say most of that is pretty true of me except the part of not considering human elements. I feel I am a very sympathetic person who is good at understanding others feelings rather than this description that makes me look like a vulcan who makes every decision based on logic.

Personality Summary: Color Code Test

I was given the color blue after taking the color code personality test. Blues are people that are motivated by intimacy or relationships. They drive off of having good and genuine relationships with everyone they work with or associate with. As a blue I am said to be a very loyal friend and worker and love to serve and help people. I expect other people to be loyal and committed like me. While being very thoughtful and analytical, I am also said to be worry prone, moody, and to hold a grudge on people who lose my trust. I feel like this test did a lot better at picking up my emotional personality and my drive for good relationships with people than the Myers-Briggs test. I have always wanted to be everyones friend and was good at making new friends with completely different people. This test describes me perfectly in that sense and in the others as well. I love helping people and making other peoples lives better. It also did well on my flaws. I do worry quite a bit and get angry if someone isn't loyal or crosses me because I really don't like when people break my trust.


Abraham Maslow, a humanist, would describe my personality growth as one developed trying to reach the top of his pyramid of Hierarchy of Needs. My personality has been molded as I search for basic needs like protection, shelter, and food, and more human and complex needs such as belonging, self esteem, and self actualization. Sigmund Freud, a Psychoanalytic, would explain my personality as one that I was born with and comes from my unconscious desires. He would argue that ego and super ego would define me and my ideas of right and wrong while my id would contain my primal and unconscious desires. A behaviorist, such as B.F. Skinner, would explain that my personality is learned from observing other people as I grew up and developed. When people tell me I have similar mannerisms as my dad and uncle, a behaviorist would say that I was around them as I developed and learned from them as I watched them. The social-cognitive theory would explain my personality similar to that of a behaviorist because it is all about observing and learning from others. A person with this theory would conclude that I grew up in a creative family with imagination and attention to building things and learning about things around us. A Neo-Freudian such as Carl Jung would say that I was born with certain archetypes such as a desire for knowledge or interactions with people and developed those as I grew and developed. According to the trait theory, my cardinal trait or traits could be interest in learning or interacting with new people and having good relationships which are big parts of who I am.

Me and my older sister ready to venture out on our halloween

Erikson Timeline

Stage 1: Trust vs. Mistrust

As a baby I trusted everybody. At pre-school my friends would be crying when the parents dropped us off and when they would pick us up I would be riding the teachers back. I was a friendly baby and loved to be held by everyone.

Stage 2: Autonomy vs. Shame/doubt

I started wanting to get in and out of my baby bed. It got so bad my mom got me a tent to put over the bed to keep me in. I earned the name "houdini" because i learned to unzip the tent and climb out when i wanted to.

Stage 3: initiative vs guilt

I enjoyed just playing along. I was a pretty happy child playing with everybody and anybody. A few times I would get mad at other kids that took my blocks but other than that i never was a demanding child.

Stage 4: Industry vs. inferior

I liked athletics and sports. I was very competitive and I loved football, track, and soccer. I only compete in football and track today but i still love to watch soccer in the premier league. I always wanted to know how things worked and loved to find out how things work. I am still very inquisitive. I was the kid asking how this, how that, why this. I still to this day love finding the intricate parts of everything. When I was young i was crazy active and wanted to do things so if my mom wanted me to be quiet she would drive me to the addison airport 10 minutes away and i wouldn't move as i watched the planes fly over and she would read a book. To this day i love watching planes and i often get yelled at in practice if one flies over cause i always watch it.

Stage 5: Identity vs Confusion

As far as sports i decided i wasn't interested in some sports and decided to pursue just a few sports. I also decided i liked working hard in school and making good grades. i began realizing my goals for the future and wanted to achieve them.

Stage 6 Intimacy vs. Isolation

I had crushes on girls all the way through elementary and middle school but didnt seriously wanting to date until around 8th grade. Ive had some girlfriends in high school but not a lot. My mom believes my ideal girl is sweet, loving, smart, and trustworthy.

Stage 7: Generativaty vs. self absorbtion

My mom says she sees me well off in a leadership position. Sees me working with people and communicating to get ideas around and grow business. She sees me with a very sensitive, strong minded, caring, and intelligent person that loves people and can enjoy our friends together.

Stage 8: Integrity vs Despair

My mom believes i will achieve a lot of good things in my life and handle my failures with grace and the willingness to push on because i am "a very confident and determined young man".

All dressed up for my aunts wedding. I was stellar at ringing the bell down the aisle

Piaget Timeline

Sensorymotor stage (birth-2)

I liked peek a boo at first but later began not enjoying the game when i realized my mother was not disapearing but just hiding her face. I was a very active baby, always moving around and playing, but if my mom just held me for a minute or two after an epic struggle i would just pass out as if i just wore my self out.

Preoperational Stage (2-7)

I didn't start speaking until close to three. My parents were worried at first because i wasn't an early talker but when i started i had a lot to say. Apparently i had just been taking everything in. Before i could speak well my parents even taught me some sign language to help communicate because i would often get frustrated. When i played with toys my sister would trick me and replace the toy i was playing with when i turned away and i wouldnt notice a difference. Although i couldn't talk well i had incredible motor skills learning to walk early and even try to climb objects.

Concrete Operations Stage (7-12)

I didnt stop imaginary play for a very long time and that is a major reason i was held back early to give me time to mature. I loved playing with planes and cars while a family friend of ours thats my age would play with math books and puzzles and if he ever got a toy he would just give it to me.

Formal Operations Stage (12+)

I developed deeper discussion and argument at a pretty early age and i enjoyed talking about things like history, and world people. I liked to play sports more than i liked to talk about sports. Stats never really interested me. I liked facts a history. At about 13 I began arguing politics and history with my parents. I found it very fun to have my own opinion and try to prove others wrong. Id love to quiz my parents on things I had learned and loved knowing small facts that they didn't.

playing football on friday nights
awkward picture at St. Andrews, Scotland

Jahari Window

From my Jahari window I have learned a lot about what other people know about me and what they dont know know about me. From my results I can see that my most appearing traits are adaptable, friendly, intelligent, proud, and self-assertive. These are traits that I selected as well as other people and are my most descriptive traits that define me. My blind spot is an area of traits that I had not selected but other people see in me. This shows what most other people think of me and how they see me as a person. The only word in my facade is sympathetic which is something I think about myself that nobody else selected or noticed. I feel I am very sympathetic towards people and care about what happens to others, however, it is hard to look at a person and tell that they are sympathetic so I assume that is why nobody selected it for me.

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2 years ago

Matthew, it's so interesting to see you grow up like you have. you are lucky you were born with all of these great traits to your personality. #freudrule#psychoanalyticistrue

2 years ago
2 years ago

I must disagree @sigfreudunconscious#1, Matthew's personality was definitely learned from those that he observed growing up. Thats why he is such a great people person and is so smart. There is nothing to prove your strange radical ideas #skinneris#1

2 years ago
2 years ago

both of you guys have good points but I think we should meet in the middle. Matthew was definitely born with some basic #archetype that was the base of his intelligence and personality, however, that doesn't mean he didn't learn anything from #observation as he #developed. #ifeelsojung

2 years ago
2 years ago

i love this matthew! its so cool to observe your documented #cognitive development. I must also say i am very proud that you chose to use my childhood development theory and timeline on this page. i cant wait to see how you further develope. #piagetout

2 years ago
2 years ago

thanks for the comments guys. i really appreciate your input on how i turned out like i am today. Whether one of yall right or not, i love my personality #bargeandincharge