Job Purpose

The purpose of an Optometrists is to examine the patients eyes and treat them (if needed) with glasses or contact lenses and making sure that they have good eye sight.

Duties and responsibility's

There duties and responsibility's of a Optometrists are to recognize diseases of the eye and to test their sight and give people glasses or contacts as needed .    


Education- finish a 4-year bachelor in a relevant or related field like biology, chemistry, or physiology them a additional 4-years upon a national and states's licensing.

"Tech" skills- The tech skills of a  Optometrists is to know how to work all the instruments, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access; Microsoft SQL Server and Scheduling software.

abilities- speaking clearly, read and understand information and ideas presented in writing, combine pieces of information to form general rules and listen to and ability to listen to and understand information and ideas.

Personal Characteristics-  Are  Patient, being able to talk to others