origin; africa
holy book; none

main beliefs; worship of spirits of nature and animals
affected culture; the great respect of nature


origin; Japan

holy book; none

main beliefs; worships sparest of kami

affected culture; graet respect for nature


origin; India

holy book; Vedas

main belief; reincarnation

affected culture; try to lead a good life in order to keep moving to perfection


origin; India

holy book; none

main belief; end your suffering by ending your desires

affected culture; accept what life brings to them


origin; China

holy book; Tao Te chins

main belief; follow the way of nature

affected culture; don't challenge the natural progress

origin; china
holy book; analects
main belief; all people need to accept their roles
affect culture; great deal of respect of respect to parents


origin; middle east

holy book; torah

main belief one god

affect culture ; follow gods law (ten commandments)


origin; middle east

holy book; bible

main belief; one god (jesses Chris)

affected culture; simple rules


origin; middle east

holy book; quian

main belief; one god (Allah)

affected culture; islam laws

facts of islam and judaism

Islam- five pillars of faith

Judaism- is one of the oldest religions still existing today

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