The Taxonomy of Panda Bears

By Monica Lewis


Taxonomy is the science of of naming organisms and assigning them to groups. There are 7 levels of taxonomy and they are Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Family, Genus, and Species.

-Kingdom: Animalia- A multicellular organism that is a heterotroph, they're heterotrophic because they cant produce their own food.

-Phylum: Chordata- these organisms have a dorsal and a hollow nerve cord, these organisms are vertebrates. They also have a endostyle this cord produces mucus to gather food particles.

-Class: Mammilia- mammilias are warm blooded, Teeth are imbedded in the jaw bone, and they have a well developed neopallium. They feed their babies from mammary glands.

-Order: Carnivora-  These organisms are meat eaters, they have large teeth, molars, and well developed claws.

-Family :Ursidae- this is the bear family or large mammals. these organisms have short, thick, and strong limbs with a short tail. They're found in North and south America, Asia, Europe.

-Genus: Ailuropoda- These organisms are native to South  Central China, and mainly in Sichuan.

-Species: A. Melanoeuca- "Black and white cat foot"


This is where Pandas are located...

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