BWh Climates

The Mohave Desert near Yuma, Arizona.

Characteristics of BWh Climates

  • Temperature: The Annual average temperature is over 18 degrees Celcius (64.4 Degrees Farenheit).
  • Precipitation: The annual precipitation is lower than 250 mm.
This map shows the areas of BWh Climates.
  • Locations: Northern Mexico, Southwestern America, Northern, Southern and Western Africa, Middle East, Western India, and Central and Western Australia.
  • Fauna: Coyotes, Rattlesnakes, lizards, hawks, tortoises, and mammals that can withstand the desert climate. For example, Armadillo lizards and Desert rabbits.
Desert Rabbit
  • Flora: Most vegetation can't survive the heat of the climate, but some adapted to the environment. Some examples are Barrel cacti, Joshua trees, and Ocotillo.
Barrel Cacti
  • There is more evaporation than precipitation in BWh climates
  • There are no permanent rivers in these climates.

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