Guinea Eduatorial

                                        there are a lot of beaches that you can go to

                                                       famouse places to go to:

                              -national museum


                               - Monte Alen National Park

                               - Ureca



                                              this is in Monte Alen National Park

                                                              Local Expressions

Malabo Hip Hop Festival:

A 10-day event held every year in December, the celebrations are often hosted by the Institute of Cultural Expression. Performers in the hip-hop community from all over Africa attend workshops and events hosted by artists from Europe

.Armed Forces Day:

August 3 is Equatorial Guinea’s Armed Forces Day to honor the military. It is treated as a public holiday where members of the armed forces gather together for a feast filled with food and drinks. Exhibitions are also held to showcase key achievements.

Africa Cup of Nations:

One of the continent’s largest sporting events, the Africa Cup of Nations is a soccer tournament held every two years with participation from 16 national teams. A highly anticipated event, it was hosted in Equatorial Guinea in 2012, from January 21 to February 12.


  • Chicken served in a peanut butter or cream sauce with rice or boiled plantain.
    Meat or fish grilled with crushed pumpkin seeds served in leaves.
    Cassava is a staple food, often served with fish or meat.
    Sweet potatoes, yams and plantain are all popular ingredients.
  • drink
  • Malamba (local sugar cane brew).
    • Osang (African tea).
    Beer and palm wine are produced locally.

  •                                              Malamba is a local drink made of suger cane


    ranges from 16 to 33 at the southern part of the country and 21 to 70 on the western parts

    population: 757,014

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