suhaila hossain

service fair

I decided to help ASPCA because i wanted to help animals have a better life than what they have been through. I love animals and i was compelled help. ASPCA helps animals get a better home. I love how ASPCA helps animals and that is one of the reasons i decided to help.

well, we where going to volunteer at pets smart but then we found out that the humane society was closing but, we still wanted to help animals so we turned to ASPCA. Then we got the idea of what we were doing to help raise money and we did a lot we ask family friend and even had a bake sale. we got about $135 dollars and that was a lot which was great.

I learned that helping animals takes a lot of effort and time. Also you get a good feeling when you do something good for other people or in this case animals. I helped animals get help and shelter.

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