Business and Tourism

In the Piedmont region there are 4.5 million people that live here, due to the temperate climate. This climate and amount of people is perfect for business. This good because with the temperate climate people will be willing to relocate and with the huge population there are many job opportunities for work and work force. Piedmont is also good due to the huge city of Atlanta, "Business City", including the headquarters of Delta, Chik-Fi-La, and Coke. Piedmont has the International Atlantic Airport which can ship about 54,000 metric tons of cargo. Also, you can use the interstates or highways which include I-95, I-75, and I-20 . This will make it good for your business to ship and receive. The Piedmont region has large economic focus in tourism and manufacturing.


The Piedmont is home to many tourist attractions. Several of these are natural including the Chattahoochee River, The Fall Line, and the Savannah River. Each of these places is great for sight seeing and rafting. In the city of Atlanta there also attractions such as The World of Coke, Turner Field, Georgia Aquarium, and The Fairgrounds. The Piedmont region is locate in the middle of Georgia right above The Fall Line.

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