Evaluating ebook design

There are so many types of ebooks it was difficult to know where to start...

I even started to question what the difference was between an ebook and a website!

The difference for me is that you can 'read' an ebook without the internet.

After much reading and clicking I think ebooks (or tech books) are (and should be) more similar to websites, in terms of multimedia content and options, than regular text books.

From the ebooks I looked at there were 3 key design features

  1. colour
  2. video
  3. layout


Lynell Burmack provides evidence that colour:

1. improves learning & retention, 2. increases motivation 3. increases willingness to read

Plus techbooks are not printed like textbooks.


I can be as colourful as I want

Videos are great teaching tools and my students love them.

I wasn't sure about using them in ebooks (I was thinking ebooks were like kindle books, but many ebooks would accessed on tablets- making videos an excellent resource)


I also found the use of blank pages interesting.

In normal text books blank pages are a waste of money, but as techbooks are not printed we can use blank pages for student's to personalise their learning.

Great for encouraging autonomous learning!

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