European Exploration

Louis XIII of France, I, and English explorer who supports your country in the race to get resources from North America.  here to request a proposal to fund the exploratory  trip to the new land to the East. We promise to bring back goods and riches for your country as well as spreading religion to the native peoples. We plan to be departing by September 18, 1615.

We are requesting enough money to fund a fleet of 5 medium sized ships and enough food to last a crew of 200 men for one year. In return we will bring more riches to your country than the competing countries like Spain and England.

We will be traveling from the western coast of France to the northeastern coast of America (New England). Once we arrive we will first and for most scout the land for gold and resources. From there, we will set up camp to start to collect those resources. In our camp we will construct a church were we can kindly and respectfully instruct the native peoples about our religion with no conflict. If my team and I don't succeed in the task of bring gold back fro France, we will do our best to bring back rare furs for clothes and rare plants for medicines. I promise to not come back empty handed.

With all of the riches and opportunities in the new world there will also be obstacles that we will overcome. We will pack as least gear as we can (but still enough to sustain our lives) so we won't have trouble in the event of having to travel on foot. Once we get to the new world, we will claim as much land as possible to gather more resources than the competing countries of Spain and England to overtake the competition for trade. We will overcome differences in culture by respectfully converting the natives to our religion. We promise to keep clean and healthy housing and have people educated in natural medicine to prevent disease.

Although it may look like we are asking for a lot but we promise the riches you will get in return will pay off your investment.


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