School Garden Project

For the benefit of the school we would like to create a school garden and use the greenhouse to produce food for school lunches, as well as, create a sense of camaraderie between the students. This project would also be used as Gabby’s Girl Scout Gold Award in order to receive a scholarship, and to also be able to apply for grants from the Scout Council to help fund this project.

Basic Information

Project Heads: Gabby Foust and Nicole Blair

AG Guidance: Connor Dillon and Olivia Moritz

Secretary: Miranda Scantlin

Fundraising Secretary: Madison Baker

Teacher Behind the Project Heads: Robert Hauck

Place Possibilities:

  1. Middle school field
  2. Donated/Purchased building(s) and/or land
  3. Ag room
  4. Coffee shop and or school classrooms
  5. Greenhouse by the Ag building


We thought we could make a summer school AG class and a gardening club or even expand our current classes to possibly create a new superclass that deals with every aspect of gardening. (Horticulture, Math, Science, Geography, Art...etc.)

What this project could be:

Pros: Teaches responsibility, work ethic and how to grow your own food.Provides SAFE physical activity The AG Program would be explored more and a wider variety of people will want to be involved in AG.Carpentry, Math, Art, Physical Education and more will be included in this project/ class.Student Led Project/Class.An after school Gardening Club could be created to help maintain the garden.Healthier, fresher school food.Promotes HEALTHY EATING AND ACTIVITIES.

What this could do for us as a High School. We could learn how to manage things.Better understand how our climate and surroundings affect what we eat.Better expose the Ag Department and Shop classes to the rest of the school.Teaches responsibility and builds camaraderie.Teaches team building skills that can be transferred into the workforce.Learning just how much work goes into putting food on the table.

As a Student Body. The garden could help us become better teammates and better motivate us as a student body. If this garden happens we would see our hard work flourish right in front of us, and we would be able to see successful results.This garden promotes team building skills, healthy eating, and other healthy activities.

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