Get off your APP and do something about it!

There are new ways to compete without whining

There are ways to compete in the new market of civic and social technology.  If you are seeing online apps capturing what used to be your market share, don't panic.  Call a tech-savvy company to help you get traction.  Here is a good one in Detroit that helped Mike Duggan become mayor against all odds:

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3 years ago

Get Off Your App and Do Something About It!

On the morning news today they were highlighting the insurgent behavior of start-up companies like Uber, Lyft and Side Car. These online App companies instantly match people who need rides with regular folks who have a car in their immediate area. It is like getting a lift from a friend at the touch of a button on their smart phones. And this is happening in New York City and across the globe at reduced rates compared to taxi drivers. This has gained a lot of popularity in many cities and is attractive because they are generally faster and less expensive than taxis.

Taxi companies are loudly and angrily contesting the upstart competitors, claiming that what they are doing is illegal. Their goal is to squelch the online passenger services by throwing their policies, procedures and attorneys at them.

Let’s look at recent history.

Remember when online shopping was becoming popular? Brick and mortar retail stores were in an uproar about how it was undermining their businesses and corroding the retail industry. Those who spent too much time and money whining and arguing about the changing landscape for shoppers realized too late that they could get online and play the same game.

Today, you can login and find Macy’s and playing in the same game now, both trying to capture that men’s sock market vertical online. Macy’s is alive today because they saw the shift in the market and got on board with the program, retaining their physical presence for traditional shopping, and offering their customers the option of shopping at Macy’s at home in their slippers. Score one for shoppers, one for Macy’s and even one for

News flash: the internet is not going away.

Oh, and second news flash: consumers drive the market, not you. Just because you got here first doesn’t mean you own your industry niche.

Competition is healthy. It keeps things lean, fresh and optimized.
In case you haven’t noticed, young people like their phones. Phones are cool. They do everything but your laundry. Generations coming up will prefer to call for a ride with their smart phones, because for them it is normal and convenient. If you want to be the one to give them a ride, give them an app so they can hail your ding dang cab the way they want to! Stop the whining and get on board with the program!

This goes for all the hotels out there that are so busy complaining about companies like AirBnB that are filling a gap for consumers who are hungry for these options! Figure out a way to compete on the same field with online companies, and offer the consumer what they clearly are interested in! When regular folks listen to big business whine about losing profits when they are charging $250 per night for a hotel room, you come off sounding greedy and entitled to your market share and frankly, spoiled. Relax. You will not ever lose ALL your customers. Abundance is the name of the game. There is plenty for all.

Change is inevitable. To survive, you need to flex with the paradigm shift. This is America. Competition has made this an amazing country. Recognize this as an opportunity to grow. Get off your app and compete for what you want. If you need help, call a young tech-savvy company to help you get your app up and moving!

3 years ago

Awesome post! I think a lot of the uproar stems from people being afraid of change in general. But like you said, change is inevitable. New technology and competition forces them out of their norms, and that spurs growth and innovation, which has to be a constant.

It'll be interesting to see how the cab companies try to compete with the new car service apps...after they stop contesting and complaining, that is.

3 years ago

They will eventually get in the flow. I can already see a yellow app with black checker trim called "HAIL" That would be cool.