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A gripping movie about AIDS

I recently watched the movie Dallas Buyers Club directed by Jean-Marc Vallée. The movie is based on the story of Ron Woodroof, a Texas electrician who was diagnosed HIV-positive in 1986. Ron learns that he only has 30 days left to live, but he doesn’t want to believe that. At the time, the only antiretroviral drug authorized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for testing on humans is zidovudine (AZT). Consequently, Ron starts using the drug, but it only worsens his condition. Instead, he starts using non-toxic alternative HIV treatments found in Japan and Mexico. These drugs seem to work a lot better than AZT, but they are not approved by the FDA. With the help of Rayon, an HIV-positive transwoman, and Dr. Eve Saks, Ron establishes the “Dallas Buyers Club”. Their mission is to help other people with AIDS by distributing these effective, but non-controlled drugs.

Before he was diagnosed with AIDS, Ron Woodroof thought that the only people living with the disease were homosexuals. However, he soon realizes that AIDS can be transmitted in different ways. According to 2011 national HIV estimates,

  • 50% of all people living with HIV in Canada are gay men and other men who have sex with men.
  • 33% of all people living with HIV in Canada are heterosexual.
  • 23% of all people living with HIV in Canada are females.
  • 20% of all people living with HIV in Canada used injection drugs.
  • 9% of all people living with HIV in Canada are Aboriginal people.
  • Less than 1% of all people living with HIV in Canada contracted HIV through blood transfusions or clotting factors, transmission from mother to child, or needle-stick injuries.

AIDS affect many people, and not only gays. In the movie Dallas Buyers Club, Ron becomes open minded and shows compassion towards gay, lesbian, and transgender members of the club. AIDS can affect anyone and shouldn't be discriminated


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