The Hero's Journey in Wreck it Ralph

The hero's journey in Wreck it Ralph

Joseph Campbell applied 14 stages to the hero's journey. I will now apply these stages to the Disney's Wreck it Ralph.

Home Culture

Joseph  Campbell stated the protagonist has a home. Ralph's home the dump in Fix it Felix Jr.

Call to adventure

The second stage of the hero's journey is the call to adventure. The call to adventure states that there is an event that makes the character feel restless. Gene challenges Ralph to earn a medal thus bringing Ralph closer to his adventure.

Supernatural Aid

The hero usually has a person or item which assists the hero in their journey. Ralph uses Markowski's uniform to go to Hero's Duty.

Crossing the Threshold

Crossing the Threshold is where the hero does something out of their comfort zone. In order to obtain a medal, Ralph enters Hero's Duty.

Road of trails

The hero faces trials on their journey and found vulnerable. Ralph must help Vanellope in order to get his medal back.

Meeting a soul mate

Vanellope serves as Ralph's soul mate. She was the first to tells Ralph he did a good deed.

Overcoming temptaion

Ralph is mislead by King Candy and later realizes his mistake.

Viewing the whole picture

Ralph realizes what he was meant to do and fixes his mistake.

The rescue

Ralph is rescued from a deadly fall by Vanellope.

The ultimate goal

Ralph is successful in saving Sugar Rush and accepted in his own game.


Ralph's life changes positively and he is able to take it 'one game at a time.'

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