The country i have chosen is Vietnam. The name of a student in vietnam is  Bui Duy Binh. bui Duy Binh is 11 years old and lives with his mother, father, and brother. They own a motorcycle which he is taken to school on everyday. They also work until after he gets home from school.

Start of the SCHOOL day

At 6:40 a.m, when school starts, Bin Duy Binh starts his day off with a salute to Ho Chi Minh and a song that honors their country.

                      MIddle of school day


Bin Buy Binh and the rest of his class turn in their homework and go to art class.

Their teacher comes to their room and teaches his class to draw.

ENDING Of school

School ends for Bin Duy Binh because his school is so large. Half of his class at a

different part of the day. His parents are working so he takes a taxi home.


                         After School

After school, Bui Duy Binh waters the plants. Then, he eats lunch with his mother and takes a nap.

                                 Mid- day

After Bui Duy Binh awakes from his nap, he eats yogurt or fruit and then studies. He sometimes goes for a walk. He then eats dinner with his family.

                                   Bed time!

Bui Duy Binh takes a shower and goes to sleep to get ready for

the next day!

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