Engineering is designing and building to make things work.

the .GIF file above is a worm gear that can be used to create a spinning axle.

the image above is a screen shot of desktop inventor. this is a program used to virtually build something before you spend money to really build it. this is a really good program that i have previously used in the 8th grade.

Before you do anything else you have to make blueprints.  A blueprint is a drawn model of what you have to build.  the blueprint above is the 1903 Write Brothers "Flyer"

This is CU-ICAR. ICAR stands for International Center for Automotive Research. This is a building for automotive research.  A few weeks ago i toured ICAR, the tour was great and i learned a lot of cool things. here is an example of something i saw.

This is an airless tire that still gives you a comfortable ride.  the material on the inside is super durable and bendable.  this invention could save a lot of money on rubber for tires.

this is the inside of a desktop.  the large circle that says Intel is the fan that cools off the processor.  the two boxes in the top right are all the ports where you can insert/plug in things like USB's or CD's.  

These slides are just scraping the top of engineering. there is a whole big world full of stuff to do. I hope this helped you learn about engineering.

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