End of the Year Project

By: Samantha Estrada

Scholarship Presussive Essay

How would it feel to live in a world of fear and never have hope? That is  one of the many reasons why we need good people in the world. A good person consists of the characteristics of kindness, hope, encouragement, self-confidence, and leadership. We need good people in the world because they show us that there is still hope in the world.

One of the many reasons we need good people in the world because they rub off on us. One moment we are looking at someone doing a good deed and the next moment we are doing the exact same deed. For example, my cousin and I were walking around and we saw a man pick up litter and say good morning to someone. The next moment we were doing the exact same thing and getting rewarded for it.

In reality, society would not be able to function without good people because people wouldn't know what to do. We eventually would have good people in the world because we would need rules. I could understand how we don't need good people in the world because people would find the good in themselves. People would notice that something is going wrong and they would fix it or fix something in them.

However, the world does need good people in the world to find the hope in the world. For the sake of society we would not know how to function or we would just learn from ourselves.

College Application


Letter of Recommendation

To whom it may concern,

    I have known Makayla Thull for about a year and we meet in the ninth grade. I work at the Global International Gym and have been working there for about five years. I got my master's degree at Ohio State University and majored in Kinesiology.

  I feel that Makayla Thull is qualified to work in the BAU in the FBI headquarters in Washington D.C.. Makayla is right for this job because she can multitask, she is a great interrogator, and she has great communication skills. I am great for writing this letter of recommendation because I have seen Makayla on her good and bad side.

  Makayla is fitted for this job because she has great communication skills,  she can multitask, and she is a great interrogator. Not many people are fitted for this job because they lack confidence nor have the courage to speak to people. Makayla is great for this job because she can do what most people can't.

   If you have any questions regarding Makayla Thull and her job characteristics please give me a call at (886) 421-2877 or send me an email at samvic07@hotmail.com. Thank you for your time.


              Samantha Estrada

              Global International Gym

Cover Letter

                                                       Estrada, Samantha Victoria

                                                       3456 Country side Drive

                                                       El Paso, Texas 79928

May 18, 2015

Miguel Trevizo, English Teacher


12348 Pebble Hills drive

El Paso, Texas 79938

    Dear Miguel Trevizo,

My name is Samantha Estrada and I applying for a career at Global International Gym. I have many skills that I feel I can apply to Global International Gym such as communication skill, teamwork skills, and I am a very hard worker. I believe that I am qualified to become a physical trainer because I have the endurance and i am very athletic.

  For this job I'm required to become a physical trainer. I will dedicate my time and dedication to this job and I will do all it takes to help the customers out and make them feel great about themselves.

  I am hoping you consider my application.


                   Samantha Estrada



Samantha Victoria Estrada


3456 Country Side Drive




My goal is to make people feel great about themselves and make them reach their full potential.


Elementary: St. Lucks, Paso Del Norte, Ituarte, and Helen Ball

Middle School: Sun Ridge Middle School

High School: El Dorado


I worked at Elmo Middle School and my responsibilities were to make the children feel good about themselves. I worked them since January 7, 2013-April 11, 2015.


I have great communication skills, I'm very athletic, and I can encourage people.

Job Application

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