Atmosphere- By: Lana Kuta

#1.  Atmosphere is practically tied to earth by gravitation, so it cannot disperse into space.

It is 300 miles thick.  begging with mixes of 10 gasses!

#2.  The atmosphere is made up of 4 layers

troposphere stratosphere mesosphere thermosphere

#3.  Most weather takes place in the troposphere

#4.  Air population is made up of solid particles and chemicals.

#5.  Most clouds and rain is in the stratosphere.

#6.  The ozone layer is between the stratosphere and mesosphere.

#7.  It protects us from the Solar Hazards.

A solar hazard is electrons and protons, that escape the suns gravitation and fly across the solar system.

#8.  All the layers, do a job for the earth, while the gasses circulate around planet earth.

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