Elizabeths Financial Portfolio

I never knew that the cost of a pet each month is SO expensive!Its usually $40 each month.

The career I chose was a doctor because people would offer you a lots of cash each 12 months(1 year).Also, I would want to heal or help somebody feel better.

My career choice affected the choices on what I wanted to buy because most of the items I wanted to buy were expensive.Like, I wanted to buy a big grand house,but I could not afford it.It is $ 2,170.

I did not create a balanced spreadsheet the first time.What I used to make my spreadsheet balanced is the Choose a Home & Choose a Car.The car I want is a Ford Fiesta.The house I want is a LARGE house.It has 3 bathrooms and 5 bedrooms.

I think money is extremely important because if you did not have money,you would not be able to buy clothes,food,medicine,shelter,or utilities.Something horrible I would never do to money is throw it away.That would be a night mare.Money is too useful to waste.

This spread sheet prepares me for my future because ...when I am older ,I might have problems with money,but now,I know that will never happen.This changed my life!