Sea Turtles

Sea Turtles adapted paddle like forelimbs for swimming long distances. The shell adaptation is required so that the turtle can draw its legs inside, but this hinders swimming. Over the years sea turtles have adapted to the water and that allows them to stay underwater for about 5 hours. The green sea turtle can swim about 0.9-1.4 mph. Their neck and limbs are non-retractable. They are really good divers. They are known to go to depths of 500 m to find their favorite snack: Jellyfish. The sea turtle is green so they can blend into the water. They also have a shell for protection. Their ability to swim long distances is also an adaptation. When they reach adulthood, challenges are sharks, pollution, fishing, fishing nets and humans just messing with them. Loss of nesting beaches and humans killing them are also challenges. More than 10,000 turtles are caught every year in fishing nets, shrimp nets, discarded fishing gear and marine debri.

These turtles have just hatched and are beginning their journey into the sea