Ball to the face!!


As I anxiously stare into my opponents red red eyes, hearing the loud intense crowd around me makes me nervous. The white long net is in between us. I'm concerned. As I clenched my solid fist around my racket and, I could smell the fear coming my way as she aggressively serves the rough ball. I can feel my heartbeat pumping like a horse galloping in a race. As I lick my dry salty lips I can taste my sweat drizzling down my blistering forehead. My strong firm knees are bent and I am ready for the green round ball. My legs are like concrete hard,solid and firm. As my opponent is ready to serve the ball I'm swaying side to side. I can feel my adrenaline rushing through my veins.

‘Uggghhhh,’ my competitor yells. Seeing her face scrunch up like a sour lemon made me laugh. As I raise my racket way up high, I could feel my rage rushing through my hands as I aggressively hit the ball back to her. I felt the power. As I felt a big huge bulky shock from my racket, I could hear the wind passing through my ear. As the ball spins down the court I'm feeling confident and excited. The crowd started cheering. I had this feeling inside of me that I had never felt before in my life. I felt superb.

‘Thwack,’ I heard the ball hit something. Hearing the crowd gasp made me worry. As I look over the outstretched net, I saw my opponent on the ground. She was crying. ‘Booo,’ the crowd yelled. Noticing her teeth on the ground made me worry. There was blood enclosing around her. Feeling the guilt and the shame inside of me was shocking. I had my hands on my face and I was feeling so scared that my heart dropped. I felt so ashamed. I wanted to run away but I couldn’t. So I quickly darted over to her side and I helped her up. I apoligised. I asked her if she was alright, and she said she was fine. She wiped her eyes and said it was just a mistake. I felt so relieved when she said it was just a mistake. So the game went on and the crowd went wild.

By; Unity Walters :)

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