Rainbow Pegasus. Drawing.<http://www.deviantart.com/morelikethis/331058758>


Reward: The Pegasus will be yours so you can ride it.


Description: The pegasus is a large white horse. It has wings and it can fly. The pegasus also has a horn, it can hurt you with its horn.

Crimes:The pegasus slapped a guy with its wing, that is why it needs to be found. The guy who was wing-slapped is in the hospital.

Relatives:It is related to Medusa, Medusa is a lady with snakes for hair and if you make eye contact with her you will be turned to stone. She was killed by Perseus and the Pegasus was born in Medusa's blood.

Warning: The pegasus can run over you and it is very strong. It can also slap you with it's wing.

Update: The wanted Pegasus was seen flying over Bejing China this morning.

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