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Social Worker

Social Workers Can Be There To Help For About Every Problem

Social Worker

A Social Worker is someone employed to provide social services (especially to the disadvantaged). I decided to shadow a man who helps mentally and physically disabled people find jobs in the community. I've always wanted to help people and I can definitely see myself doing this in the future. Some examples of the things he does is if you are missing a leg or arm, he finds a job where your disability wouldn't interfere with you job. If you have a mental disability he could put you as something where the mental disability wouldn't mess up what you did. I also enjoy communicating one on one about problems and as a social worker over 96% of your work is on on one and only working with one person. But in all I love to help people find success in their life and I think it would be an eye opener for me to do this job shadow to see the huge affect social workers have on the community. They specialize in things like knowing how a happy healthy relationship should work and provide people with resources to help them with whatever problem that they have.

Work Environment

Social Workers work in a variety of places where people need assistance like hospitals, nursing homes, and military bases. This puts them closer to the people they are trying to help. Social Workers usually pull of 40 hours a week in work time. This gives them more time to be home with family and reflect on the people that they are helping. Possibly making them think of a conclusion sooner. They work year round so there is no particular time. Injuries and illnesses are almost non existent because they have a safe environment. Of course every job you take involves some risk so if you had an insecure or aggressive patient there is a possibility that they might lash out on you. Other than that it is safe.

How To Become One

It starts with you getting good grades for you school of choice. You have to go to specific schools that have a course for that because it isn't in every college. Some schools have more requirements than others. In this job the more experience the bigger the field is for you to choose from and who to help. As far as a license to be certified, in some states they make you take tests after college and in others you have to have 3200 hours of supervised work. It is a vigorous process. Some important qualities are patience an compassion. This job can be mentally exhausting.


The minimum annual wage for a social worker comes in at $44,200. Not as large as some jobs but for some people it isnt all about the money. It's also not usually the persons only job.


Industry in the Social Working business is currently rising faster than many of the jobs out there. I believe this is so because of how many people have lost limbs in war or are left mentally disabled because of war. This opens up new jobs for social workers. Technology helps social workers find jobs for the people they are trying to help by looking at specific businesses that can accommodate to your disability. Thats about it on this subject.


Some similarities to this job is a psychiatrist or nurse. My mom is a psychiatrist and she says that in both jobs you have to talk to the patient and basically help them get back on their feet. They also work side by side in many situations when it comes to a mental disability or problems at their house. So basically jobs that help people solve their problems. The education level needed to be a social worker is 4-10 years of after college school. However many years you stay the better chance you have of being successful is. So in conclusion I would like to say I think this job could really have some potential for helping people. It seems pretty simple and helpful.


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