by: Esia Bemah

Definition: Bullying is someone that uses force and abuse to dominate others. And this happens often repeatedly. There are different ways of bullying. There's physical, verbal, relational, reactive, and cyber bullying. And they do this for poor reasons.

5 Facts

1. Every year, over 3.2 million children get bullied

2. Because of bullying, 160,000 teens skip school because they are scared.

3. When kids are 14, 30% of boys and 40% of girls or less than won't talk to others about their bullying problem.

4. Every month, 282,000 children report being attacked in high schools.

5. The victims choose suicide about 2 to 9 times.

How does this happen?

Some bullies think it's fun or cool to mess with other kids lives. They might feel powerful or in control like a king or queen. They don't like other people personalities or kids that are different from them. They could be jealous of the victim and wants he or she to be miserable. Sometimes they do it because they are unhappy form their past lives and wants others to feel their pain. Or the bully used to be a good kid and might have even saw other people bully others, they might think it's okay to do it and cool so they do the same for popularity.

What are the symptoms?

The victim starts to get sad and depressed, nervous, or angry. He or she starts to feel completely alone because the people that they try to ask for help wasn't able to. They could get sick, have headaches, or lose their appetite. They'll have negative affects or not feel the same as they were before. They're not able to sleep well at not as they used to form thinking about it too much. They lose their self esteem and powerless. Whenever they get bullied they might get ashamed or embarrassed that they weren't able to do anything. They think about running away will help their problems go away. They even start to have thoughts of suicide to end it all.  

Who tries to help?

Usually teachers, parents, or other grown ups at school try to help. Maybe if the victim doesn't trust them, then maybe they can go to a consular to talk to them about it. There's also different communities or campaigns that try to help prevent bullying from happening to others. The victim's friends might try and help them out with the problem. If the bullying gets too dangerous and it starts to hurt them badly, they could turn to the police before it gets worse.

Why is it important for others to know?

It is important for other people to know because bullying is hurting others by words and hatred. The victims need your help to stop this. If this doesn't stop, all of it will lead to suicide. And some people don't even care that this is happening, they don't think that this is a great issue. People are in pain from this, the victims are tired of this. And the parents of the victims are extremely concerned of bullying. You bullies might think that it's cool, but didn't you think about how your victims feel? Maybe you might not care, but others do. We all need to get together and stop this bullying, before it's too late.


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