Learning to Teach
Day :Group Presentations

Today my students presented their group projects to the class, but not in your typical stand in front of the room and present to the class. With the help of not only my host teacher, but also another fellow teacher as well, I decided to do something different with these presentations, which is a gallery walk.

The gallery walk means that each of the students had a computer per group set up around the room. The students had a questions packet to fill out which required them to go around the room and visit each student as if they were walking around a museum or and art gallery and reading and looking at the works of art. This is a great way to get the students to be engaged in what they are doing, as well as still build those presentation skills. Because now instead of standing in front of the class all at once, the process is broken down and there is also a soft chatter that was going on to help

I felt that the day went really well, it just came down to time management and classroom management which I feel I could always do a bit better on. However, the final products I was very proud of.

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