My Favorite Class

My favorite class is History.  

History class teaches me a lot of stuff much needed to know in my life time.

Favorite Food!

My favorite foods are ribs and hot wings!

Makes your mouth water!

Favorite Book

My favorite book is November Blues. It shows the life struggles of teenagers.

Favorite book, makes you relate to it so much.

My favorite Movie

My favorite movie is Poetic Justice!

Favorite book and the love is so romantic but thuggish.

My favorite artist

My favorite artists are Migos and August Alsina


My favorite hobbies are drag racing and doing make-up

Doing make- up make me express my creativity and drag racing releases energy.

Additional information

I am a diabetic and i have been a diabetic for 6 years

Having diabetes is a tragic thing to have but i have gotten used to it in my lifetime

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