"Land Between Two Rivers"

Ancient Mesopotamia

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Ancient Mesopotamia was located in what is now Iraq.It was bordered in the east by the Zagros mountains. Flowing through Mesopotamia were the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. That's where they got their water supply.

Mesopotamia was not the region for farming because it did not rain most of the time; winter was the time when it rained the most. Winter rain and mountain runoff made the land by the two rivers mushy. Most of the year the town was low on food because the rivers wouldn't overflow to where they needed it.

That all changed when they invented irrigation. Irrigation is when you put an artificial application of water in land or soil. Ancient Mesopotamian dug deep canals to let the water travel where they wanted it.They used levees to control the flow of  water. They never knew when the river would overflow,and   if they hadn't dug the canals , the water would have flooded their village. When the river was low people used a swape. A swape is a bucket that hung from the long end of a pivoted boom.

By 2000 B.C. mud-brick Ziggurats were being constructed in many Sumerian cities. Each Ziggurat temple worshiped a different god. Ziggurats were located in the middle of every city-state located by the rich side of town. Some say temples were for religious purposes. Later on, temples were being built Babylon and the Assyrians.Temples were built where people thought they had the most meaning to them.The oldest known temple is located in Göbekli Tepe ,Turkey it is 11,500 years old!It is filled with objects from the neolithic era.

Ancient Mesopotamian came up with many of the objects we use today the wheel,sail boats,etc. Mathematics was the one of the most important ones The number they based most of their math off of was 60. 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour. They also divided 360 degrees in a circle. They knew how to add, subtract, divide, multiply. Quadratic and cubic equations and fractions. Math was used to build some of the biggest buildings. Another important one was astronomy. Astronomy included math skills. They could keep track of the movement of the stars, planets,and the moon. One major ability was to predict the movement of the seven planets. They created medicine that saved many lives .They used creams and pills. The Mesopotamians made many technology discoveries. Mesopotamian were the first to invent irrigation to get water where they wanted it.

    Mesopotamia was the start of most things we use and have today.We still use all of their inventions for our every day lives. The Code Of Hammurabi is the start of  the first laws. Imagine a world without laws?It would be horrible.So back to the topic Mesopotamia was the start of  a new Civilization.

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