Homosexuality in Politics

In today's society, people are more and more open about the idea of homosexuality. It touches many aspects of life, considering that more that 8 million U.S. citizens are openly gay. Eventhough, we, the people, are more tolerant about it, should politicians tell the media their sexual orientation? In my opinion, I think that the person that represents a political status should not mix what is from their professionnal and their personal life. This could have a effect on the politician's credibilty and on his campaign.

Firstly, the neutrality is the key to have a successful political life. When you defend opinions, it is unfortunate to mix personal issues with what you fight for. If you don't live exacly the way you want a state, a province or a country to be lived in, the lack of credibility has a direct effect on what citizens think of you, as a public image. Let's take, Winsconsin congressmanm, Steve Gunderson, for example. Openly homosexual, the republicain is an outspoken supporter of gay-marriage. Isn't that ironic? The man is encouraging a cause that his party is not. Would you vote for someone that explicitly disencourage a political platform that he should fight for? This is why neutrality is a strategic advantage when it comes to politics.

In a nutshell, politicians should not have say on their sexual orientation. The lack of credibility is a major disadvantage when it comes to convince citizens to vote for a public image. The responsibility of having a neutral state is important to hav a successful political life. Like uncle Ben said to Peter Parker: ''A great power comes with great responsibility."

Simon-Luc Laporte

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