what will 2015 hold for you? our world, and what world look like 26 years from now

What am I planning to do this new year? New year already here and I feel happy because I am going to do a lot of things, such as want to start playing soccer, take my driver’s exam, trying to reading a lot book to improve my reading skills, and language skills, visit my uncle’s in Seattle by the end of school, and starting work at the end of week.

what world look like 26 years from now?

To imagine its hard but I've released that the world has changed a lot since then. The way we dress, the way we talk and even our general attitude. Its now also continue in the future or the world will be look like the past, except for blown apart buildings and such.

Language changes always occur because of the kids and the internet and so on will become even more widely used and new technology will become more and more important in people's lives. We will feel less healthy.I think in Africa there will be less trees and more pollution and the war will still be going on. Maybe flying car can be happen in the next 26 years but I don't really want flying cars and all that. I like the world as it is. Now politically and economically, things good definitely be different in a good way except for African country. If Allah say they will be live free life in the next 26 years I am not sure yet, but I hope that, it will be alright in the future. I always wonder this question. I want to see the world in 200 years but……..

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3 years ago

Wonderful specifics, Abdella. I hope you get back to playing soccer soon! :)