Inferences from  Hansel and Gretel By Jacob and William Grimm

Terrance Cutchin

The mother said "We must all four starve together" in the picture beside it she had 4 coffins in her hand. So I infer that they don't have any more food or money to live off of, so they must die.

The Father told the mother to take the children far out into the woods and leave them there. So I inferred that They are trying to get rid of the children cause they cant afford to feed them.

The Parents tell the children they will be back at midday, when midday came the parents weren't back so I Infer that the parents aren't coming back and have left their children for good.

Hansel says to Gretel "I left Rocks Along the Trail here But we need them to shine in the dark, so I infer that they are going to find their home after dark while their parents are

The Children finds a witches house. The Witch tells Hansel to go see if the oven as hot enough, so I infer she is going to cook him and his sister.

The Witch tells Hansel to get in the oven to see if its hot enough. So I Infer that  The Witch is going to cook him and his sister.

Hansel told the Witch to show him how to get in the oven, So I Infer He is going to trick her and cook her instead of her cooking him.

When Hansel and Gretel found their way back home, their Dad said he hasn't had a happy moment since he left them in the Forest. So I infer The Father didn't want to leave the children in the forest.

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