Christmas Light WebQuest

How does the type of circuit affect the strand of Christmas lights with a burned out bulb?

Iv: Type of circuit

Dv: The strand of Christmas  with a burned out bulb

If the Christmas lights are arranged in a parallel circuit then when one bulb bursts (is removed) the bulbs with light up.

I notice the energy in the circuit was going fast and the three bulbs were lit up brightly.

I notice when I took out one light bulb, the speed stayed constant and the light gotten brighter.

I notice the energy in the circuit was going slower than the parallel circuit (above this pictures), with three bulbs it lit up a bit but not a lot.

I notice the speed and the light that's being lit stayed constant with one bulb taking away.

A parallel circuit is the best series to use for Christmas lights because the lights give off more light, like the energy goes faster than a series circuit.

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