The NFL draft coming up continued

It is soon

With talent in different areas, this draft class is very diverse. Every year there is a position that is in demand and a position that has more talent coming up. This year, the demand is everywhere and the talent is everywhere to. You have teams like the Texans who need a QB, and there are many options like Johnny Manziel, Blake Bortles, Teddy Bridgewater etc. Then you got teams like the Falcons, who need some D-Linemen and some Linebackers, and need a TE now because Tony Gonzalez is gone, but there are some monsters in this draft class at D-Line that stand at 7 feet tall and are 250-325 pounds of pure muscle There is a TE coming from Noter Dame that would fit into there pass heavy scheme. The Eagles made a huge move last year and look to make another risky move this year, but what is it? I think they need a new WR to replace Jackson, and then some better line-men. The Packers lost a lot to free agency and end of contracts, so they have to act strong at the draft this year. The Seahawks need a person or two if they want to return to the Super Bowl. The 49ers need a better left guard, if they want to get somewhere this year. The Broncos need a extra linebacker so the struggle does not continue, and they also need a WR to replace Eric Decker. The Cardinals need a QB so Carson Palmer can teach and get a break. There are doubts about Clowney, but a team will take him, many need someone like him desperately, like the Bengals. There are many questions about this years draft, and I just talked about some of the topics, what do I know though I am only 13. The mock drafts are interesting and you should check them out. Leave a comment below on your thoughts and like this if you want me to go into more detail or if you want me to do more.

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