Today is Tuesday May 20 1861. My name is Hunter Meister and I am 14 years old I live in Kentucky and my father is serving in the Confederate war. I live in Somerset Kentucky.

Day 1 May 21, 1861

    This morning I woke up and immediately went to the army camp about 1 mile away from my home and delivered medical supplies which my mother bought. I then went home and cleaned the kitchen. I wasn't allowed to have the house  slave do it for me because I was in trouble. At about 9 in the morning I wrote a letter to my father who is stationed in the North. After that I ate breakfast. At about 1:30 I was sent back to the camp to cook for the soldiers with my mother. While I was there I ate lunch. It wasn't very good tasting. I later helped the household slave prepare dinner. We then ate, and I was sent to bed.

Day 2

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