It's time to think about

No matter where you's gonna cost you money.
Why not try to get some scholarships to help with the cost???

Community Scholarship Application!

1 and DONE!

So...What does this mean to me??

1. Stop by Mrs. Streu's office between classes or before/after school to pick up a Community Scholarship application

2. You are going to need to do some work on this application. There is a form to fill out, a short essay to write, and a "Financial Aid Estimator" tool that your parents will probably need to help you with.

3. If you need help with the application, Mrs. Streu is available during these times...

Advisory/Phoenix Hour: Thurs/Fri
(even if you aren't on privilege you may stop by)
After School until 4pm: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

4. Don't freak out. Yes, this will take some work but if you get a scholarship it will totally be worth it!

Community Scholarship Application.
All the COOL GRADUATES are doing it!