Career Research Project

Automotive Technician
Logan Larson

                                                            Necessary Job Skills

- You should know all of the basics about working with a car this includes oil changes, alignments, and replacing gaskets ect.

- Being able to diagnose the problem with the vehicle

- You should be able to deal with electrical systems, fuel systems, and A/C systems.

- Being able to deal with new technologies.

- Having the ability to teach others.

- To stick with dealing with cars not to jump from one career to the next.

Education Requirements

- High School Diploma or equivalent.

- Automotive repair, electronics, computers, mathematics and English courses should be taken.

- Also communication skills.

- Education from technical schools is also preferred.

Ranken Technical College

        Ranken has many different divisions for certain courses. Ranken has an automotive, construction, electrical, and manufacturing division. 96-98% of all graduates find employment in their division within 6 months. The main goal is to provide the best learning and teaching for all students.

        Ranken has separate facilities for each of their divisions. Ranken is located in St. Louis Missouri. Ranken has been teaching students with the top quality education for 100 years. Ranken is for students who are looking to peruse in a career.     

The Words That I Live By

"You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great(Zig Ziglar)." This is important to my future because it shows what every person that is a beginner will face. This quote helps me currently in my life. I apply to when I do almost anything.

Who I Look Up To

        The person in which I look up to would have to be my dad. I say these because he worked really hard to get where he is today. Whenever he talks about where he first worked its kind of cool to listen to. He talks about how he would work second shift. When he got of work he would go and check all of his traps. Once he did that he would feed his dog take a shower and then go to bed. Now if you really think about this he really was running on no sleep at all.

          My dad is mainly the person that I look up to because he followed his dream. He said he never like to work for anyone. Which is very understandable because no one really does. I kind of want to do what he did but dealing with owning my own car shop.


             Innovation has changed an Automotive Technicians job. With technology constantly changing it's up to the technician to keep up with it as stated by Tammy Darvish, “They have to constantly be certified every year in several different areas." “Just because you were certified in 2012, you have to be re-certified in 2013.” An automotive technician must be able to keep up with the current technology along with the future technology. They must be able to understand everything ranging from knowing how to read it and knowing how to fix the problem. In today's world you must be able to adapt to all sorts of changes. I think that I would do good in this career based on the two facts that I like to work with cars, and I can adapt to new technologies very quickly.

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