Hero's Journey

The Adventures of Harold and the Purple Crayon , Harold's Fairy Tale
Crockett Johnson

The departure

The Call to Adventure- There were no plants growing in the Enchanted Garden

Supernatural Aid- The purple crayon Harold uses to draw his imagination

Crossing the Threshold- Harold crossing through the mouse hole

Belly of the Whale- When Harold enters the castle and feels "tiny"


The Road of Trials-

1. climbing up the excessively long stairs

2. climbing out of the hole in the castle and needing something to climb down

3. driving the giant witch out of the garden

Meeting with the Temptress/Goddess- there was none

Atonement with Father- there was none

Supreme Ordeal- fixing the King's garden

The Ultimate Boon- The flying carpet, which he used a wish granted by a fairy for.

The Return

Refusal- there was none

The Magic Flight- When Harold flies home on his magic carpet.

Rescue from Without- The magic carpet could not stop so he drew his living room around him with the magic purple crayon.

Crossing the Return Threshold- Harold returns to his home and asks his mother to read him a bedtime story.

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