Important principles in the Declaration of Independence

In the Declaration of Independence it talks about our inalienable rights, government by consent of the governed, and people being able to abolish the government and put up a new one if they become destructive of peoples rights. Each one of those rights are meant to stop the government if they try to take all the power and to make sure that we are all free and have a say in things. Our Inalienable rights are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness which everyone was born with and cannot be taken away from us and the meaning of government by consent of the governed is the people set up and give all the power to the government so they control it.

Why are these things here?

It says the government needs to be consented by the govern because the colonies didn't want the government to over power them like King George did. King George made taxes and laws that would help him and England but not the colonies and he wouldn't give them a say in most things so they wrote down that the people are in control of the government and give it all the power so it would never happen again.

Who Protects Are Rights?

We do, it say that we were all born with inalienable rights by our creator and no one can take them away from us. Its not the government or president because they are our leaders and if they did they could take it away from us, like how king George was the colonies leader but he took there rights away and was making the laws and taxes so the colonies made it to where know one can take them away and only you protect them.

Are inalienable rights are a little out dated but we still use them to this day, if people try to get ride of them they could end up going to jail or worse. It says that all men have equal rights but back then it was only meant for men not woman, children, or slaves and they all have equal rights now so some things are outdated.