Inheritance Journal Part 2

-"she missed having my daddy around the house to fetch things for her"

-"Now, he was a worker of wood"

-"me and Wining Boy went on down there with him and took that piano out of Sutter's house"

~I noticed that his family put a lot of effort into that piano which could break any moment. What all my phrases have in common is how the whole thing about that piano start.

~The phrases tell me that this piano could one of the reason this family got out of slavery from the start.

~The conflict with the piano is that Boy Willie is trying to sell the piano but his sister  doesn't want hi. To sell because it has their family's history behind it and on it

~I think that the piano should be sold to pay the land that their family worked on because if they pay the land than all their family'shard work on that land would not go to waste

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