Creating a caring classroom

Jamilra Desira

Positive Relationships

-Being able to communicate with the students

-Knowing and learning your students name

-Getting to know your students as an individual based on what they tell you

- For example students starts to get comfortable with the teacher when a relationship is built.


-One of the most Important aspects that deals with Teachers and students

-Teachers should always show respect to students no matter whats going on

-Respect in a classroom teaches students to respect their teacher and their classmates

-Example-Students raising their hands for the teachers attention

Student Involvement

-The teacher often ask the class questions to get them to talk and involved with the activity.

-It helps develop responsibility for the class

-some assignments have the students interact with each other

-For example- Developing a activity where the students have to get up ans introduce themselves or a partner.  

Class identity

-A sense of community depends on students seeing themselves as a group.

-Build connections with students will enhance class identity

-classroom traditions will strengthen the bonds between students and teachers

-For Example the students will gain confidence because they are now comfortable with each other.

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