Polar Region: The Artic

by Peyton Vu


The Arctic is found in the northernmost part of the Earth. Arctic life is very harsh and difficult. The temperatures in the winter season can drop to the negatives. It is home to many plants and animals.


This is a map of the world. The red pointer is showing where the Arctic is. The Arctic is north of North America. It covers 8 countries.


The Arctic landscape is made up of ice, wetlands, tundras, mountains, big rivers, and the ocean around it. You can find people mining, fishing, and oil and gas development.

Plants and Animals

Arctic plants and animals have incredible adaptations to survive in their harsh environment. The animals you can find there are polar bear, fin whale, and the gray whale.  The plants you can find are ferns, mosses, lichens and herbs. The plants I named are non-flowering plants.

In this video you will see a mom bear and her cub sleeping. Mom yawns then cub yawns.

Check out these photos and videos of polar bears.  

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