Kiva and More
By: Sean C.

My name is Sean Collins and at my school we are working on a Kiva project to simulate what it would be like to start your own business. I know it sounds really fun but on the way my group has faced some challenges. This "Blog" is to show what are challenges are and how they relate to the real world.

Our Group

Well to start off our group had a little decision to make. What was our product going to be. We decided on selling koosh balls to the boys at Town School. Our goal was to make a profit, pay back our loan, and give some money to a person on  Over our journey we have learned lots of things one thing that I would like to touch on is global competence. For those of you who do not know what this means it is the understanding of international issues. Going through this process I have had some stress not knowing if we were going to get funded. Then I started to think. This wouldn't change my life in anyway but for someone on kiva it can be a big deal. For example they could not get money to refill there store with goods or not get money for food for there family. I have seen people asking for loans on kiva for there very reasons. Although this impacts there life they may not be able to sustain there business and not feed there family. This made me want to help these people. This is why I am hoping that we have a good first sale

Entry 2

During the epic journey of the kiva project we stumbled upon the clash of war on what product we were going to sell. This has to do with communication and collaboration. Our group couldn't decide what product to get so we ended up not ordering our product for our sale. I think this is more of what I want to see more of instead of having a 20 minute argument. I do not think how we communicate is very reasonable and organised. The process of this argument repeats it self  multiple times. A way to stop this is someone decides to just agree with the other persons idea and letting it go. I also think the amount of work each team member does is not completely balanced so I think we need to say who does what instead of just doing it. I would also like for our group to instead of trying to argue on someone's idea that we make a compromise instead. I think our group could do a lot better in profits and organisation. It has been a long journey but I hope the end works out well. I know this sounds like there are a lot of negative things about our group but there are also a bunch of good things as well.

What it is Like to Be a Borrower

I have felt over this experience I have felt that I have gone through some struggles. On of which is the we spend a lot of time thinking what we will spend out money on. For instance we could be debating on what we spend a couple of cents on. I have found though that this experience is very fun but challenging at the same time. I do think though we are running smoothly though our path to success.

Comfort with the new and unfamiliar

I feel this resonates with me right now because making an end of the year business hard. I 'm not too great with the vocabulary on it like net income but I figured it out. I found this hard because I know we have to incorporate a graph and I'm not sure how our group is going to do that. I hope that we get this slide show done by  Monday next week.

A Summary

Matt Kemp once said when you think positive good things happen. This relates to the summary because that's how our project went we had bumps in the road and we thought positive this helped us thrive and move on with our project. Overall I enjoyed this project and how it worked. This is one of the projects that I most enjoyed this year. I would like to say thank you to Ms. Goggin for making this happen and helping advise us through our journey.