Michael Keefe Gorman

Financial Professional and Humanitarian

About Keefe Gorman

Dedicated to supporting his community, financial professional Keefe Gorman holds numerous board and committee positions in and around Ithaca, New York. A member of the Board of Directors for the Ithaca Sunrise Rotary Club, an affiliate of Rotary International, he promotes and supports the organization's human service efforts in the neighboring area. Prior to accepting this position, Keefe Gorman served on the Board for Foodnet Meals on Wheels of Tompkins County, which delivers food and companionship to those unable to leave their homes. He came to his role following an eight-year board membership with The Reconstruction Home, a local nursing and rehabilitation facility, where he strengthened a long-held commitment to helping the elderly and infirm.

A competitive skier since his youth, Keefe Gorman also lends his support to the Central New York Ski Racing Foundation. Through the Song Mountain Training Center and Race Club, this organization both trains young athletes and inspires them to work toward their goals. A competitive downhill racer himself, Mr. Gorman maintains active membership in several local and national ski organizations.

Preventing Common Cycling Injuries

A financial advisor currently serving as managing director of investments at Merrill Lynch, Keefe Gorman has been recognized by Barron’s magazine on the publication’s Top 100 Advisors and Top 1,200 Financial Advisors lists. When he’s not busy with his work at Merrill Lynch, Keefe Gorman maintains an active lifestyle and often goes cycling.

While there will always be some unavoidable biking injuries, such as those caused by an accidental crash, many common injuries can be prevented. Lower-back pain is caused by the prolonged flexed position that is needed for cyclers to generate force and stay aerodynamic. Make sure you have your bike set up correctly and that the frame is the proper size. This will limit the amount of stress placed on your spine and help prevent lower-back pain. Saddle sores, which can be avoided by having a comfortable seat that is angled correctly.

Achilles tendonitis is often caused either by overuse or poor bike fit. Overusing the tendon causes it to become inflamed and painful. While preventing this injury is largely individual, you can promote faster healing by cutting back on training and using ice to reduce inflammation as soon as you notice the pain. Anti-inflammatory medication can also helpful if you have Achilles tendonitis. Patellar tendonitis is another tendon-related injury, though it is not caused by overuse. In cyclists, this injury often results from having too low of a seat or from using big gears for too long. To prevent patellar tendonitis, use different gears during your rides and consider raising the seat.

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