The MSIM Program at Arizona State University

The Master of Science in Information Management (MSIM) program at Arizona State University is an immersive set of courses all designed to put students in the kind of professional situations that they will deal with after they graduate. By providing students with specific instruction on how to handle complex Information Technology systems, all graduates can be confident in their abilities to apply what they learned to their new careers. Arizona State University has long been known for its excellent graduate school programs, and the MSIM program is one of its most famous programs. ASU also offers fully online degrees to students who also work full time. Students enrolled in these online programs can get the full benefits of a world class upper-level education on their own time.

One of the classes in the MSIM program is Data and Information Management, which instructs students on the central issues in managing information today. Immersed in the constantly changing nature of IT management, the course is designed to place students in the kinds of situations they will face when they graduate. Some specific topics covered in Data and Information Management include: entity relationship, diagrams, analytic capability, and how to provide user-friendly access to complex data.

Keegan Andrew Duffy of Minnesota is a recent graduate of Arizona State University’s online MSIM program. Duffy says that being able to complete this program without sacrificing his job as an independent construction contractor made all the difference for him. Now he is a top-notch IT professional with a bright future for his career.

The Swan Song of “StarCraft”

“StarCraft” is one of the most popular real-time strategy games ever. Millions played the first game, which featured incredible characters in Story Mode like Kerrigan, the Terran-turned-Zerg badass, and three distinct races that players could battle each other endlessly with for hours of entertainment. When “StarCraft 2” came out, the landscape of gaming had changed. Gaming was more global. Players from all over the world were trying to kill each other increasingly more creative ways in games like “Call of Duty” and “Halo.” “StarCraft 2” created its own genre of professional gaming, an industry that currently generates billions of dollars a year. The “StarCraft 2” world exploded when millions of players joined its network, looking for fortune and fame doing what they already spend almost every day doing any way.

As franchises like “Call of Duty” and others get stronger, however, the sport of “StarCraft 2” dwindles. More professional gamers choose to play games other than “StarCraft 2” for many reasons. Its players are in an evermore esoteric gaming universe now than ever. Learning to play the game at a high level is as difficult as ever, and while the world of professional gaming is expanding, most casual fans are focused on the FPS players and not “StarCraft 2” players.

Keegan Andrew Duffy of Minnesota remembers the original “StarCraft” and hopes that the sequel will rise in popularity. Duffy is a casual major league gaming fan and plays “StarCraft 2” himself. He works as an independently contracted IT technical manager in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Three Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Not every aspiring entrepreneur will succeed in his or her ventures. Every entrepreneur will go through a period of trial and error. It’s important that you learn from your mistakes, make adjustments, and try again. It can't hurt to take advice from entrepreneurs either. Here are three tips that every aspiring entrepreneur should keep in mind.

Invest your time in doing something that you passionate in and knowledgeable about. Your chances of being successful significantly increase when you are attempting to succeed or create something in an area that you care about. You will be more willing to spend more than the necessary time to succeed. The end product will be much better in the end.

Pursue ideas that will make a difference in peoples' lives. You should never embark on an entrepreneurial journey if the idea is self-serving and doesn't provide something to people. A self-serving idea will fail every time because you will be the only person interested in it. Chase something that your staff can believe in, and the community can benefit from.

Chase an idea that you truly believe in. This is a combination of both doing something you are passionate in and something that benefits other people. Combine those two factors, and then choose something to do that you truly believe in. If you don't believe in your idea, then why should anyone else?

Keegan Andrew Duffy Minnesota was self-employed in Minnesota until recently. He created the Duffy Contracting Company using passion, dedication, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Five Reasons Why Some Startups Fail

Creating a startup and working for a startup is an exciting experience that is a lot of fun, and an excellent opportunity to grow professionally. Unfortunately, some startups are short-lived projects, and most of them fail for the same five reasons.

It can be scary to start a business, but you should never question your every decision. A startup owner and entrepreneur that is constantly questioning him or herself is doomed to fail. You have to be confident about your startup because if you're not confident, then nobody will be. Successful startups take risks and failing every once in a while is fine, questioning yourself is not.

Startups who try and do too much too fast, always fail. The experience is exciting at first, and the feeling of getting your first client is not comparable. But, you do not want to put yourself in a situation where you are in over your head because then you will fail. Take things slow, understand your limits and your company's limits, and move forward from there.

Having a social media presence is very important nowadays, especially for a startup because social media is free marketing. Social media is a great way to reach out to people, to make new clients, and to network. A startup without social media presence always fails.

Any startup or entrepreneur that expects things to be handed to them will fail. Running a successful startup requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Take nothing for granted and don’t expect to receive help from everybody. The moment you expect something to be given to you and your startup, it will fail.

Lastly, startups and entrepreneurs who refuse advice will fail. When someone does offer you something, take it. You don't always have to agree or use the advice given to you, but you should always listen to advice. Often, you will receive advice from people who have been in your situation before and understand what you are going through. These are the people that you need to be listening to at the very least.

Keegan Andrew Duffy Minnesota founded an independent contracting company in Minnesota after he graduated college. He was very successful with his company, but recently has decided to make a career change and is now venturing into the Information Technology industry.

The Growth of North Dakota State University

The North Dakota State University of Agriculture and Applied Sciences is most often known simply as North Dakota State University. This public university is located in the city of Fargo, North Dakota. With nearly fifteen thousand students currently enrolled at the university, the institution has grown significantly since its opening in 1890. This University offers more than one hundred undergraduate majors, one hundred and seventy undergraduate degree programs, nearly eighty undergraduate minors, to go along with their Master’s degree and Doctoral degree programs.

North Dakota State University is clearly a university that is on the rise. It was not until the year 2000 that this small institution hosted more than ten thousand students. By their Fall Semester in 2009, the school enrolled nearly fifteen thousand, a mark that they have consistently been hitting since then. This rise of enrollment has aided in the research, athletic programs, and campus facilities of the University. All of the athletic programs of the University are now in the Division I of the NCAA. Not only did the athletics and facilities upgrade, but the academia too. North Dakota State University was able to add a large number of both graduate and undergraduate programs for the success of their students.

Happy to have gone to such a growing institute, Keegan Andrew Duffy of Minnesota attended North Dakota State University for four years. Duffy was able to witness all the stunning growth of the university as he majored in Construction Management and minored in Business Administration.

Keegan Andrew Duffy Minnesota

A Short List of Great Places to Snowboard

Getting out and snowboarding is no longer for only those who can afford it. With snowboard resorts all over the country, there are plenty of places for people to go out and enjoy themselves. Why not try one of these parks:

Park City

This resort, which is located in Utah, has more than three thousand acres of ski and snowboard terrain with more than one hundred trails to enjoy. The host of the snowboarding Olympians of the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Games, this place is full of challenges for even the most advanced to enjoy. The best part about this resort is after Christmas the park is open for night rights for three months.

Squaw Valley

This location is yet another former Olympic stage. Host in 1960, Squaw Valley earned a reputation for being one of the toughest resorts in the country. Taking the sport of snowboarding to the next level, this park, located in California, took down its large half pipe and built a custom halfpipe, the Red Bull Cubed Pipe. Once can only see it to believe it.


Just outside of Salt Lake City, the Snowbird resort gets more than forty feet of snow annually. During the seasons of 03-04 and 04-05, Snowbird was named the best ski areas in the country by skiing magazine. Snowbird shares a valley with the Alta Ski Resort, so skiers can enjoy their own side while snowboarders enjoy theirs.

Keegan Andrew Duffy Minnesota thoroughly enjoys the thrill and rush that comes from snowboarding. Whenever the opportunity arises, Duffy is out on the fresh powder speeding down a hill, only to jump up and do it all over again.

North Dakota State University Continues to Grow

North Dakota State University was originally founded in 1890 as the North Dakota Agricultural College. Founded as a land grant institution, the university has been able to operate agricultural research on nearly nineteen thousand acres of land. Part of the North Dakota University System, this once small and humble university has changed into a growing, thriving university that boast plenty of students and programs for those students.

At the North Dakota State University, a student can choose from a wide range of majors and programs. The illustrious institution offers more than one hundred undergraduate majors, one hundred and seventy undergraduate degree programs, and nearly eighty minors, along with their 81 master’s degree programs. The strongly growing university has essentially any mainstream major and minor that their students could want.

The 21st century became a turning point for the university. In the year 2000, North Dakota State University surpassed the ten thousand enrolled mark. While they were still excited about hitting the mark, enrollment continued to grow. By the Fall Semester of 2009, the university hit nearly fifteen thousand students enrolled. With all of the growth happening, the University was able to make some much-needed upgrade to the facilities, athletic programs, and academia.

Keegan Andrew Duffy of Minnesota attended North Dakota State University during the staggering growth stages. Proud to be able to be a part of something historic for the Institute, Duffy took advantage of their programs by majoring in Construction Management and minoring in Business Administration. Duffy would graduate and leave the university in 2009.

Snowboarding Across the United States

Over the years, snowboarding has become more and more popular. With its addition into the Winter Olympic Games, the sport has become something that everyday people can do in competition and in regular recreation. For those who are experts or amateurs looking to learn, here is a list of the best places to snowboard within the borders of the United States.

Mammoth Mountain

There are nine terrain parks, three half pipes, all spread out over one hundred acres of land at this snowboarding location. Clearly, the location lives up to its name of being mammoth. The best known run of Mammoth Mountain is called Hangman’s Hollow, which will give a snowboarder plenty of speed.


Known for being the first resort to allow the sport in 1983, Stratton shows itself to be more than just a historical place. There are four terrain parks at this location, which has become the host of Burton UD Open Snowboarding Championships every year.

Big Sky

The lone snowboarding peak may be one of the best kept secrets of Montana. Surely, if it were someone in the Rocky Mountains or on the East Coast, the masses would have overtaken the resort by now. Here there are great rides with a little wait in between.

Having been to a variety of snowboarding resorts in his time, Keegan Andrew Duffy Minnesota loves to get out on some fresh power and ride away the day. Not having a favorite, Duffy simply enjoys all of the mountains that he has the opportunity to ride.

Keegan Andrew Duffy Minnesota