Keep Twitter Awesome

A Letter to Twitter

Dear Twitter,

As you embark upon exciting new growth opportunities, we hope you will continue to defend the fundamental qualities that make you great today:

  • You are a conduit for people all across the globe
  • You are word-of-mouth to the extreme
  • You are a venue for idea sharing
  • You are a source for breaking news
  • You are a place where people vent and commiserate
  • You provide a platform for debate
  • And for encouragement
  • Where fans can have a conversation with their heroes
  • Where people can explore and expand their virtual and physical communities
  • You are a channel for humor
  • For brevity
  • And wit
  • All packed into 140 characters…

So, as the demands from your advertisers and eventual shareholders ensue, we trust you will find authentic ways to incorporate their needs while staying true to our needs too.

We wish you success on your exciting next steps. And we hope you’ll remember us on your journey.


Your customers

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